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Avtor Sporočilo
 Naslov prispevka: Ferrari training centre, maranello
OdgovorObjavljeno: 24 Feb 2007 10:03 
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sam menja olje
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Technical training is one of Ferrari's most valuable tools in achieving and maintaining the exceptional standards of excellence that have always distinguished its cars. For this reason, the company's Technical Assistance Service has now been given a new Training Centre base which is replacing the one which formerly was based on the factory grounds.

The new Training Centre facility consists of offices, classrooms and workshops, and covers a total of 1,200 square metres. It is the fruit of the Prancing Horse's collaboration with a multifaceted organisation made up of professionals with long Ferrari experience. The result is a facility that provides an integrated service in terms of the development, training and management service of the worldwide assistance network.

Ferrari is currently present on fifty two markets and is expanding its international presence rapidly, and so the Training Service also offers four centres in the USA, Great Britain, China and Maranello. This means that Ferrari is in a position to meet all of the local logistical and regulatory requirements of these markets as it is able to offer a wider range and more flexible courses contemporaneously, from basic electronics to client management, advanced diagnosis and driving.

The Ferrari network employs over 1,500 technicians and these are the people the Technical Assistance Service training routes are aimed at. A total of 149 multilingual basic and advanced courses in Mechanics, Bodywork, Electrics, Product and After Sales were held in 2006. The basic level courses are compulsory for all technical personnel while the advanced are obligatory for technicians wishing to become the Technical Assistance Service's reference experts for individual markets.

These training routes also include work experience stints at the factory in Maranello or at the Ferrari subsidiaries which are located across the globe, depending on the individual technician. This integrated structure has resulted in a certified network well up to the standard of the elite product it services.

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